Peak Health Sports Massage Therapy

Clinical Massage Treatments

The purpose of a clinical massage treatment is to help restore function back to the damaged tissues following injury or trauma. The therapist must carry out a detailed subjective questionnaire and a thorough objective examination prior to treatment. This may include observation for any asymmetry, bruising, swelling, scars and muscle tension. Range of movement testing (active, passive and resisted) and functional assessments will help clarify which structure may be damaged or shortened and palpation of the tissues may identify areas of pain, tension etc. An explanation of the treatment to the client is essential, especially with regards to pain tolerance, duration and the number of treatments.

Sports Massage Therapy

Massage should play a very important part in any athlete's training programme alongside warming up and cooling down. Through massage we can remove the build-up of general aches and pains that most sports people normally seem to accept. This will not only help to improve performance and endurance but also help to prevent injury and loss of joint mobility in potential trouble spots. Perfect synchronisation must occur within muscle groups to allow co-ordinated and pain-free athletic movements. Muscle fatigue, lack of flexibility and poor technique may result in a muscular strain.

The only difference between one muscle strain and another is the extent of the damage and its location. After the initial inflammatory stage, sports massage therapy is a superb form of treatment simply because it works with the body's own healing process. Improving the circulation and manipulation of the injured tissues will result in the prevention of adhesion formation, realigning of scar tissue and a much faster return to activity.

A muscle spasm is nothing more than a contraction of muscle fibres that has failed to release. Muscles normally spasm to protect other damaged tissues, the more damage the greater the spasm which will result in a loss of range of movement within the affected joint. Sports massage induces a relaxation and de-sensitisation of the muscle spindles that will lead to a release of spasm and improved joint mobility as well as lowering stress levels placed upon the body.

Eventually every sports person will reach their peak. Physically the muscles tighten and resist maximum effort. Nevertheless, with sports massage we can extend this barrier and the overall life of the athletic career and in doing so help to maintain the entire body in a better physical condition.