Peak Health is a Hampshire based Performance Sports

Coaching Company.


Offering a holistic approach to the lifestyle, health and fitness goals of clients has provided us with a number of excellent results with clients ranging from complete exercise beginners to regular exercisers and elite athletes.

Peak Health has developed a reputation for providing both

private and corporate clients with a highly professional, realistic

results based service that focus on the needs of the individual clients.


PEAK HEALTH will provide you with all of the necessary tools

for you to be able to reach your health & fitness peak. It will be hard

work, there will be sweat and maybe even tears; however we are

passionate about your health  and well being and the programmes

that we design will always be manageable & realistic and most

importantly they are bespoke to the individual.


Phil Hobby dip PT, IIHHST


Phil is a coach, Sports Injuries guru and a self confessed fitness geek with 17 years experience in the health & fitness industry, with a passion for all things active. Phil believes that fitness should be a way of life and is passionate about helping others to improve their health and well-being. Adventures happen in the great outdoors and Phil likes nothing more than educating, inspiring and motivating others to explore the possibilities and enjoy their journey.

Phil is usually found running as many miles as possible exploring

off-road trails, or chilling out on a SUP adventure around the

coastlines of the UK. Always on the lookout for the next human

powered adventure the day always starts with a coffee and could

never end badly if fuelled by pizza.