Peak Health Coaching Event Specific Training Plans – custom training, built for you.
Do you have a specific event that you are targeting - not sure when to train, how to train or what you should do!?

We will design you a one-off training plan to suit your availability and focusing on your target event; a consultation either in person or via skype, a detailed questionnaire and a plan designed to get you to your event in good shape. 

Having a plan created around you will give you the best chance of actually achieving the training, rather than being a slave to a generic plan that you can download, which will not be specific to your needs.

Have the stress and worry of what to do, when to do it and how to do it taken away by investing in a one off plan designed by a team of passionate coaches.

A custom built training plan, set for the training period in its entirety.
• Planned workouts with detailed instructions.
• Pacing guidance for every workout.
• 12 week/16 week/20week options.

Pricing starts at £55 for 12 weeks, £75 for 16 weeks and £95 for 20 weeks.

Longer periods on quotation.